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Aunt Martha's Health & Wellness Employment Opportunities

Aunt Martha’s Employment Opportunities

Aunt Martha's Health & Wellness is hiring for various positions throughout the Chicago Area.  

For Immediate consideration, more detailed job description/requirements and to apply visit
www.auntmarthas.org/careers or www.indeed.com (keyword search Aunt Martha’s) or click the link here:  http://www.indeed.com/jobs?q=Aunt+Martha%27s+&l=    

Care Coordinator
Aunt Martha's Health & Wellness - Kankakee, IL

The Care Coordinator provides a comprehensive assessment of individuals seeking services from and coordinates the appropriate delivery of identified services within Aunt Martha’s Health and Wellness.
Assessment and Treatment
  • Administers a comprehensive assessment to individuals for the purpose of identifying their healthcare needs
  • Identifies the level of risk associated with the individuals healthcare needs and creates a care plan that addresses these needs using Aunt Martha’s healthcare providers or external providers
  • In collaboration with the primary care provider and/or the behavioral health care provider, provides brief, short-term therapy for individuals identified as having behavioral health concerns
Coordination of Care
  • Monitors, assesses, and revises care plans to reflect the individuals current needs
  • Assists individuals in accessing services identified in care plan
  • Coordinates and facilitates communication between and among healthcare providers, internal and external, and other service providers identified in care plan
  • Addresses identified barriers to effective care that leads to successful outcomes for individuals
  • Master’s Degree in Social Work, Counseling, Education, or other related field required
  • Clinical licensure required – LCSW or LCPC
  • Possesses excellent communication (oral and written) skills with writing for multiple audiences with different levels of expertise
  • Ability to speak, read, and write fluent English and Spanish preferred
  • Possesses excellent interpersonal skills
  • Possesses strong organizational skills, attention to detail skills, and the ability to manage multiple demands at one time
Job Type: Full-time
Required education:
  • Master's
Required experience:
  • NA: 1 year
Required languages:
  • English
  • Spanish
Required license or certification:
  • LCSW or LCPC
Family Support Specialist 

Aunt Martha's Health & Wellness - Riverdale, IL

The purpose of the Family Support Specialist is to enroll eligible families into Head Start and/or the Head Start-Child Care Combination program and to work in partnership with families, colleagues, and community organizations to meet health, nutrition, social service, and school readiness needs of enrolled families and children.
ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Others duties may be assigned.
Maintain enrollment as required by funder
  • Conduct ongoing recruitment activities within the targeted community
  • Participate in site-specific recruitment committee meetings
  • Maintain regular contact with families on the waiting list
  • Maintain regular contact with community organizations
  • Follow up on children’s absences
Determine eligibility and complete the intake/enrollment process
  • Assist parent with accurate completion of all enrollment documents
  • Accurately verify eligibility
  • Utilize approved selection criteria
  • Follow all approved recruitment and enrollment procedures
  • Actively recruit for children
Develop partnerships with assigned families
  • Interact with families in a supportive, friendly manner
  • Assess family needs and strengths within 30 days of enrollment
  • Initiate and complete a Family Partnership Agreement
  • Review and revise the Family Partnership Agreement twice annually
  • Work with parents/guardians and site staff to ensure implementation of monthly Parent Committee meetings per program requirements
  • Attend assigned monthly parent meeting
  • Participate in both home visits and parent-teacher conference with education staff
  • Conduct home visits as needed
Provide crisis intervention and referrals as needed
  • Accurately assess family’s crisis situation and/or need for services
  • Provide resources and referrals
  • Provide positive, empathic responses
  • Assist parents with access to community services (provide transportation, accompany parent, etc.)
  • Follow-up with family to verify access to services
  • Conduct home visits as needed
Work with classroom staff to ensure coordination of services between the center and the home
  • Assist with early arrival and late departure of children
  • Assist parents and staff in the classroom during arrival time and/or during departure time
  • Prepare for and actively participate in Family-Child Reviews
  • Assure follow-up of FSS-related Family-Child Review activities
  • Participate in Staff-Parent conferences
  • Assist in the classroom as needed
Ensure provision of health services to enrolled children
  • Post allergy and food preference lists in the classroom and kitchen and reviews/revises monthly
  • Maintain accurate health records
  • Measure and weigh children twice each year per timeline
  • Complete growth chart within 5 days of heights and weights
  • Inform parents/guardians, secure written consent, and provide training or information as needed for all program-required tests and procedures
  • Ensure completion of vision and hearing screenings within 45 days of enrollment
  • Work with parent to ensure completion of child’s dental exam
  • Ensure completion of all required immunizations per schedule
  • Ensure receipt of lab results within 45 days of enrollment
  • In consultation with Health Consultant, complete Individual Health Plan when indicated
  • Provide timely and supportive follow-up for all identified health needs
  • Assist with ill children and ensure follow-up as needed.
Ensure COPA Data is accurate
  • Enter the enrolled children in COPA with-in two weeks of enrollment
  • Maintain all sections of COPA
  • Responsible for monthly COPA updates
Ensure access to available community resources
  • Participate in review and update of community resource manual annually
  • Visit and develop relationship with community organizations and school districts to ease access to services
  • Participate in a minimum of two community activities or meeting during each program year
  • Assist with completion of the Community Assessment
Actively participate in staff development activities as required
  • Prepare for and actively participate in supervision
  • Seek out supervisory guidance as needed to address issues as they arise
  • Complete all program and funder-required trainings
  • Maintains up-to-date training log.
Provide site coverage as needed;
Adheres to the Early Childhood Code of Conduct;
Report all incidents of suspected child abuse and neglect to supervisor immediately, following all funder, agency and licensing guidelines;
Perform all other duties as assigned.
Associates of Arts (AA) in Family Studies or related fields, Bachelor’s Degree (BA) in Family Studies or related field preferred. A minimum of two years related experience and/or training.
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Auto insurance
  • CPR
  • First Aid
Job Type: Full-time
Required education:
  • Associate
Required experience:
  • relevant: 2 years
Lead Teacher - Head Start 

Aunt Martha's Health & Wellness - Riverdale, IL

This position directly facilitates classroom activities to ensure that all children in that classroom are provided with a safe, nurturing, and secure learning environment that is individualized to support the child’s growth and development and provide supervision of the Assistant Teacher.
Leadership Responsibilities
  • Coordinates weekly team sessions to ensure that classroom learning experiences and lesson plans meet Creative Curriculum and funder requirements, reflect children’s interests and needs, and are cooperatively developed;
  • Ensures implementation of daily schedule;
  • Ensures collection of child assessment-related evidence (minimum two items/child/week) and one additional observation for children with special needs.
  • Ensures completion of all home visits and parent-staff conferences.
  • Ensures that current lesson plan is posted and all lesson plans are kept in binder in classroom for periodic review
  • Ensures weekly completion of all education-related documentation (30 – 34 children);
  • Meets with supervisor monthly
  • Lead Teacher will supervise the Teacher that has been assigned to the classroom
  • Complete monthly supervision with the teacher in the room
  • Complete annual performance evaluation with the assistance of the Education Manager
Direct Responsibilities (Direct responsibility for 15-17 children)
  • Directly plans developmentally appropriate and individualized activities that meet all agency and funder requirements
  • Implements developmentally appropriate and individualized activities that meet all agency and funder requirements
  • Provides a safe and healthy learning environment
  • Develops partnerships with parents to promote the child’s growth and development
  • Works in partnership with colleagues to address the needs of children and families
  • Completes all activities and reports within agency and funder timelines
  • Demonstrates competence in conducting and documenting activities and reports
  • Implements Creative Curriculum(CC) in accordance with the CC 5th Edition Study format, goals and objectives
  • Administers developmental screenings
  • Participates in case management activities; Family Child Reviews, Staffing, and IEPs
  • Conducts a minimum of two home visits per year
  • Conducts a minimum of two parent-teacher conferences per year
  • Documents a minimum of three observations per child weekly
  • Assesses and documents children’s progress three times per year
  • Attends and actively participates in a minimum of two parent meetings per school year
  • Attend and actively participate in a minimum of one literacy event per school year
  • Plan/implement a minimum of two developmentally appropriate make-n-take activities at parent meetings
  • Provide a written summary of monthly classroom activities that includes food experiences and field trips to be shared at parent meetings and incorporated in the Delegate monthly report
  • Assists with administration of medication as needed
  • Actively participates in staff development activities as required
  • Adheres to the Early Childhood Code of Conduct
  • Reports all incidents of suspected child abuse and neglect to supervisor immediately, following all funder, agency, and licensing standards
  • Performs all other duties as assigned
  • CARE COORDINATION – individuals in this position may have a leadership or shared role in coordinating care for clients within the program and a specific geographic area
  • Referrals / Community Support Services
  • Education/ Local school districts
  • Mental Health /Behavioral
Bachelor, or advanced degree in early childhood education
Bachelor or advanced degree in any field and coursework equivalent to a major relating to early childhood education (30 semester hours or 45 quarter hours), with experience teaching preschool children. (Related fields and coursework must be approved by the Head Start Director or designee.)
  • Knowledge regarding child growth and development
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Favorable Physical Examination
  • Valid Illinois driver’s license
  • Documentation verifying current automobile insurance
  • CPR
  • First Aid
Job Type: Full-time
Required education:
  • Bachelor's
Required experience:
  • relevant: 1 year

Admissions Specialist 

Aunt Martha's Health & Wellness - Chicago, IL

The purpose of the Admission Specialist position is to support the Admission Supervisor to ensure the coordination of all referrals for appropriate placements within the Shelter Care Network. In addition, the position provides coordination of referrals for other services as designated.
  • Performs admission duties as assigned by the supervisor. Screen all incoming referrals, both internal and external, identify clients for appropriate openings, and coordinate placement, which can include interviewing prospective clients.
  • Ensure clients are welcomed in a trauma sensitive manner, basic needs are cared for and clients feel as comfortable as possible during the admission process.
  • Coordinate, monitor and assess all Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) intake forms to ensure accuracy and responsible information gathering is utilized to match a client with a shelter.
  • Complete all necessary intake documentation and submit in a timely manner.
  • Coordinate the initial physical exams and/or triage activities for the client upon admission.
  • Effectively communicate with program staff in regard to client identified service needs.
  • Initiate all client files in accordance with agency and funder requirements.
  • Submit required documentation in order to facilitate communication with Specialty Shelters for matching/placement purposes.
  • Conduct various activities such as brief assessment, treatment planning and clothing inventories as designated.
  • Ensure clients are transitioned into the shelter milieu as seamlessly as possible, seeking ways to actively reduce trauma.
  • Communicate with the various programs regarding population status and produce census reports.
  • Participate in clinical supervision and program meetings as required.
  • Participate in agency and DCFS initiatives as indicated.
  • Assist the supervisor with special projects to enhance the services within the Division as requested.
  • Fully and professional respond to and implement directives, constructive feedback and advice offered by all supervisory and training personnel, as well as professionally offered feedback from co-workers.
  • Follow all program directives, systems, policies, procedures and directives as indicated by supervisors and training personnel.
  • Complete all Core Curriculum training(s) as required for the position
  • Perform all other duties as assigned
Willing to work varying hours based on the need of the program. Hours may include evenings and weekends.
Report to work site on time and fully prepared to engage in all job responsibilities.
If qualified, willing to cover job responsibilities of co-workers or subordinates in the event of an emergency or shortage as assigned by Supervisor.
Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or a related field and two years’ experience working with youth in an institutional or residential group care is required.
Current driver’s license
Current auto insurance
Job Type: Full-time
Required education:
  • Bachelor's
Required experience:
  • Residential facility with youth: 2 years
For Immediate consideration, more detailed job description/requirements and to apply visit
www.auntmarthas.org/careers or www.indeed.com (keyword search Aunt Martha’s) or click the link here:  http://www.indeed.com/jobs?q=Aunt+Martha%27s+&l=    

For Immediate consideration, more detailed job description/requirements and to apply visit
www.auntmarthas.org/careers or www.indeed.com (keyword search Aunt Martha’s) or click the link here:  http://www.indeed.com/jobs?q=Aunt+Martha%27s+&l=    

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